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Version Update - 2.1.80

Version Update - 2.1.80

April 20, 2023 at 12:00:00 AM

Revisit the beauty of love.
New slot "Doki Doki Love Letter" lands in v2.1.80.

Let’s find out what’s new in the 2.1.80 version.
Explore the beauty of love together! This romantic themed slot takes you on a trip down memory lane and brings back the sweet nostalgia of your first love!

Free spins are triggered randomly when 3 scatters appear and 2 or more of the scatters are Sakura scatters.
10 free spins are awarded, and the Sakura Free Spin Gauge will be filled by each free spin.

When 3 scatters appear and 2 or more of the scatters are Megumi scatters, the feature is triggered.
3 Reset Respins are awarded. The remaining number of respins are reset when the Payout Scatters appear.

It will be activated when either side of the gauge reaches to the end.
When a letter is chosen among 5 options, the corresponding jackpot will be paid out.
One of 3 different endings is shown depending on the user's choice.

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