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Version Update - 2.1.88

Version Update - 2.1.88

August 23, 2023 at 12:00:00 AM

Wrath Of God Slot Game is here

Version 2.1.88 brings back the Greek mythology themed slot machine!
With mighty power from the three gods at the throne this time, how far can mankind go and win the jackpot?
Come get your hands on it now!

During the game, the gods' unique features will randomly activate and help to fill up the left gauge. Any HIGH or Wild symbols that form the line could be counted to fill up the gauge.

Zeus can change any of the 2-5 reels to Lightning, which can be seen as five HIGH symbols for the lining.

Poseidon can randomize any symbols on reels 2-5 to Wild symbols.

Hades can upgrade LOW symbols into HIGH symbols.

Free spins are triggered when 10 or more HIGH or WILD symbols successfully line up and then fill the left gauge!

During the FREE SPIN, each god will trigger the corresponding feature to help you earn the SUPERSPIN.


SUPERSPIN is triggered by accumulating 30 or more successful High or Wild symbols in the reels and filling up the gauge on the left during the 3 free spins.

During the SUPERSPIN, the corresponding rewards will be distributed after the gods' features animation.

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