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Version Update - 2.1.99

Version Update - 2.1.99

January 18, 2024 at 12:00:00 AM

Ready to explore the red-brick dungeon?

Welcome to version 2.1.99, adventurers!

Ever fancy revisiting your childhood favorite in a slot machine with a style of 90s pixel art and dungeon RPG? Presenting to you the latest creation “ Dungeon Master Slot”.
Brace yourself and be well-equipped. Join us on an exciting dungeon exploration and conquest. Engage in the thrill of collecting coins, searching for treasure chests, and defeating formidable monsters.
Are you ready to become the "Dungeon Master"?

Only the Key Symbol will appear on the machine. Once three key symbols appear on the screen, it’s dungeon time!

When entering the dungeon, adventurers will move randomly through the compass. When adventures reach the edge of the map, the game ends. Adventurers will fight the monsters along the way and collect coins. The number of coins collected will determine the final reward amount you can obtain.

When the collected keys contain one or more blue special keys, Gold Adventure appears and enters DARK DUNGEON.
When Gold Adventure moves, he will absorb coins around himself and automatically receive three items when entering the dungeon.

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