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Version Update - 2.2.06

Version Update - 2.2.06

March 8, 2024 at 12:00:00 AM

Win big prizes with adorable pandas!

Welcome to version 2.2.06. Introducing the exciting new gameplay of "Panda Bingo," the perfect blend of bingo and straight slot machines! Experience the excitement now and win big with cute pandas!

Complete a row of 5 DUMPLING SYMBOL in a diagonal, horizontal, or vertical row to activate the Bingo Feature.
During the Bingo Feature, all Bingo paylines will be rewarded.
Complete a bingo line with the WHEEL SYMBOL, the prize and jackpot will be awarded by the Wheel feature.

Trigger the Wheel Feature and win a bonus by forming a bingo payline that includes the WHEEL SYMBOL. The reward amount is determined by the Wheel Feature.

10 free spins will be given when triggered 3, 4 or 5 TAI-CHI SYMBOL.
When you win during free spins, WILD SYMBOL will be converted into 2X WILD SYMBOL or 3X WILD SYMBOL depending on the conditions.
Even if you complete the bingo line, the winning prize will be awarded after the free spin feature concludes.

Thank you to all the players for your feedback on "Plinko". Based on your suggestions, the following adjustments is made:
- Balancing adjustments.
- Improvements to the game interface and user interface.

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